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Online + Offline = Success

What is the Mantle?

Set inside a historic warehouse, transformed into a unique space that now houses several restaurants, a cocktail bar, an incubation kitchen, yoga studio and collaborative working space.

When the team at Milkman first met with Anatoly, the brains behind the Mantle. 1 thing was clear – we would have to think outside of the square to keep his attention.

How do you drive buzz around the opening of a food incubator, attracting local patrons and potential tenants all in the one strategy?



We created simple, bright, engaging business cards that asked the question, “What is The Mantle? The flip side revealing

These cards were then distributed throughout WA’s hot spots. From the beaches, to train stations and universities, WA was overcome with curiosity and suspense!

What is The Mantle? Business Cards

After searching the information on the back of the card, users arrived at the website.

The website was equally simple and offered only 2 options. “Just tell me” & “Expressions of interest”.

Clicking “Just tell me” took the user to our custom built Facebook Application

What is The Mantle? Website Preview

Facebook Application

So close now – just like the page and we’ll tell you!

What is The Mantle Facebook Application

What a result!

100% of restaurant bookings were made via the Facebook page.

Facebook Booking Request

Engaging Posts

The Mantle community is highly engaged, sharing, commenting and tagging their friends creating organic growth beyond our expectations.

Facebook Post